Ride On Lawnmowers Altishane

Ride On Lawnmowers Altishane
Ride On Lawnmowers Altishane

Machinery has changed a lot of jobs across the UK, and gardening is no exception. Grounds keeping and garden management is generally very physical and labour-intensive work, and the invention of various types of garden machinery over the last century have made it safer, easier and more manageable.
Without any doubt though, the very best labour-saving machines that have developed as a boon for gardeners are ride on lawnmowers. Altishane or elsewhere in the world, ride on lawnmowers are seriously cool pieces of kit. No child has ever been playing in the park and not for a moment hoped to have a go on the combined harvester cum go kart that was being slalomed over the football pitch nearby. Ride on lawnmowers, Altishane or anywhere else, are useful for commercial gardeners who want to maximise their range and capacity without sacrificing huge amounts of physical effort.
Ride on Lawnmowers
Altishane gardeners, both professional and private, who want to upgrade with ride on lawnmowers should visit the local specialist, Stephen Hunter Lawnmowers. The local, family run business are experts in all areas of garden machinery and can offer professional advice on their whole range of ride on lawnmowers. Altishane or elsewhere in County Tyrone, Stephen Hunter Lawnmowers has a reputation for great quality and professional service. They are proud to be the local service agents for a wide range of garden machinery and ride on lawnmowers and they represent internationally known brands including STIHL, Mountfield, Cobra, Weibang, Gardencare, Briggs & Stratton and many more.
Options for Ride On Lawnmowers
Altishane gardeners who want to manage huge areas or need a high-capacity machine for lots of medium sized gardens without the need to keep refuelling will want to take a closer look at the Mountfield 1740H. These ride on lawnmowers are powered by Mountfield’s own ST 550 twin-cylinder engine that gives a meaty 586cc and 2800 rpm and have a fuel tank capacity of 6 litres which will be enough to easily handle anywhere up to two and a half acres of mowing without breaking a sweat. Despite their size, these ride on lawnmowers Altishane gardeners will love are still very manoeuvrable with a turning circle of an impressive 175 cm.
The ride on lawnmowers Altishane based gardeners will enjoy for precision work is the Stihl RT4082C. These machines are the scalpel of ride on lawnmowers, designed for exact work especially around trees, edges and feature flowerbeds. These ride on lawnmowers Altishane needs feature a reduced steering column design for maximum forward view and a slimmed down frame for easy storage and manoeuvrability. Despite their streamline finish these ride on lawnmowers are very comfy for long days of work and hold a very respectable 250 litres of cuttings which will save repeated trips to empty.
Stephen Hunter Lawnmowers Ride On Lawnmowers, Altishane
For all of your ride on lawnmowers, Altishane or elsewhere, contact Stephen Hunter Lawnmowers for details and expert advice to get you cutting like a professional.