Ride On Lawnmowers Omagh

Ride on lawnmowers Omagh
Ride on lawnmowers Omagh

There are certain jobs outside in the garden that lose their shine much quicker than others. Gathering up fallen autumn leaves, weeding the flower beds, tidying the shed and getting rid of the little ‘presents’ left by the neighbour’s cat are all way, way down on my list of favourite garden chores. It is really unfortunate that this is the case though because just having a garden to look after and maintain is a privilege it is a shame not to find joy in every single task and chore that we do out there.
If you ask a group of amateur gardeners who among them enjoys mowing the lawn, be surprised if even a single hand gets raised. Digging into the shed for the strimmer’s and lawnmowers at start of spring is always a chore, and we tend to put it off and off until the grass resembles the wilder corners of a nature reserve and the weeds are tickling the bottom of the front window.
Mowing the lawn doesn’t need to be a chore, and professional gardeners know that any job becomes manageable, even enjoyable, when the right tool is used for the right purpose. Manhandling a traditional mower up and down any reasonably sized lawn is physically hard work and takes a substantial amount of skill and patience.
Ride on lawnmowers Omagh
The right tools for medium to large sized lawns are ride on lawnmowers. Omagh based Stephen Hunter Lawnmowers are specialist suppliers of garden machinery of all sizes for domestic or professional use in the North of Ireland. They have a great range of ride on lawnmowers for medium or large lawns and areas of parkland or business grounds.
One of the fastest growing brands of ride on lawnmowers in Europe is Weibang. Stephen Hunter Lawnmowers carry a range of Weibang iON battery ride on lawnmowers that are the cutting edge (literally) of ride on lawnmower technology. They are powered by a heavy duty 72V / 31Ah Samsung battery, with a 2.5-hour ride time. The Weibang iON battery ride on lawnmowers are perfect for gardens with large lawns, without needing to worry about the safe storage of fuel tanks. The Weibang battery powered ride on lawnmowers Omagh based Stephen Hunter Lawnmowers supply are simple and easy to maintain and have zero emissions and minimal sound pollution so you can look after your garden and the wider environment without putting out your back!
Stephen Hunter’s range of ride on lawnmowers, Omagh have something for everyone, from the endlessly versatile STIHL RT 5097 C ride-on lawnmower which manages edges, flowerbeds and garden furniture with ease, to the MOUNTFIELD 1538H 38" Lawn Tractor which can easily handle acres of land and can be fitted with a trailer and a mulching attachment for wide area management.
For the best ride on lawnmowers Omagh has to offer, visit Stephen Hunter Lawnmowers’ showroom or contact them through their website. If you have a lawn to mow, they have the tools to do it.