Chainsaw Accessories

Chainsaw Accessories
Chainsaw Accessories

Back in the day, they used to use hand saws to cut, trim, and prune wood and dense foliage! Thank goodness mechanical technology has now advanced far beyond that, and tasks that would have taken weeks and days, now need only take day and hours. All thanks to the wonderful invention that is the chainsaw.

Of course, a chainsaw will only save you all that time and effort if it works right. Something that we here at Stephen Hunter understand requires the use of the correct Chainsaw Accessories to keep it functioning at its peak.

In particular, there are three Chainsaw Accessories that it is vital to use. All of which we stock at Stephen Hunter. Just keep reading to discover why each one is so vital to the smooth running of your saw.


Just like any other piece of precision equipment, Chainsaws require lubrication for their parts to work effectively. The reason for this is that the primary cutting function is dependent on the ability of the chain to move around the guide bar. Therefore too much friction is going to make your saw not only ineffective but potentially dangerous to use as well. After all, if you have a lot of friction, you will also get a lot of heat, which can be bad news indeed for the person operating the saw.

With that in mind, it's pretty vital that you track down the right kind of oil for your chain and the engine in your saw. A task that we at Stephen Hunter can help you to do.


Everyone knows what the chains on a saws look like, and where to find them. Yet, when it comes to Chainsaw Accessories, some people haven't even heard of a guide bar! Of course, those regularly working with this equipment will know that it is the bar extension that the chain wraps around and that it is integral to the entire machine being able to work.

Unfortunately, that means if you have a faulty or broken guide bar, it's impossible to continue working with your chainsaw. Even if the rest of it is in perfect condition, although this needn't impact on the job you are doing too seriously. After all, guidebars can be replaced. In fact, at Stephen Hunter have a whole range of guide bars for all different makes and sizes, meaning your chainsaw will be up and running again in no time.


Chains are, of course, a vital accessory when it comes to chainsaws. The clue is in the name, after all. It is these sharp and effective teeth, that when born, slice through wood as if it were butter.

Unfortunately, because they are the part of your saw that sees the most direct contact with the wood, they are also often the Chainsaw Accessories that needs replacing the most. Happily, you will find that here at Stephen Hunter we stock chain for all types of chainsaw.

You can even pop in for some advice on which one to fit if you are unsure. Alternatively, why not give us a call or email us with the make and model of your chainsaw and the length of chain you need, and we will be only too happy to quote you a price.